Saturday, March 10, 2012

Download Song Tracks From Soundcloud For Free

Sound Cloud is a great platform for audio experts and for guys who loves to listen and discover new audios and songs. Its really easy to upload and share audio files on soundcloud, And they allows users to embed any audio tracks anywhere on the web just like embedding a youtube video. Soundcloud allows users to sell their work through soundcloud, Download option will get disabled for such files. In this article, I'll tell you the trick to download such files with the help of a simple bookmarklet.

Bookmarklet For Downloading Soundcloud Tracks

Just create a new bookmark with the following javascript as the link/address.
javascript:(function(b){var a=b.createElement("a");a.innerText="Download MP3";a.href=""+b.querySelector("#main-content-inner img[class=waveform]").src.match(/\.com\/(.+)\_/)[1];"em").innerText+".mp3";b.querySelector(".primary").appendChild(a);"10px";"red";})(document);

need help?

How To Use This Bookmarklet?

* Visit any downloading disabled soundcloud track (click here for a sample page).

* Click on the bookmarklet 'Download Sound!'

* You could see a button 'Download Mp3' next to 'Save to favorites' or 'Buy it'

* Just click on 'Download Mp3' and you can get the Mp3 version of the track that you are listening.

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