Saturday, June 25, 2016

How To: Get A Free .EDU Email Address [Updated]

Edu domain extensions are restricted to Educational institution, And most of the .edu domain are register by US based educational institution. Students or staffs of some specific institutions are getting their own personal email address with .edu extension and a major portion of students are not having this type of email addresses, Especially those who are outside US. These .edu email addresses will help you to get lots of discounts on softwares and services. In this article, I'll guide you to get a free .EDU email address.

Get A Free .EDU Email Address (Old Method)

Last year, We got too many cool offers with EDU mail address. Like, We got Amazon Prime free for 1 Year, Last Pass gave away premium accounts 6 months for free, Connectify gave away premium accounts for free, Microsoft gave away Xox 360 with Windows7 PC, Microsoft Office gave 50% discount. And there are many more offers like free dropbox space and free 1 month trial to Hulu Plus which are still available for students.

Follow These Steps To Get A Free Edu Email:

  • Go to This Link.
  • Only check the box for 'I am a new student and have never attended any Maricopa Community College or Skill Centers.' Then enter confirmation code and click 'Next'.
  • Then fill up the form. You need a Social Security Number (SSN) and Phone Number for account creation. You can get fake SSN numbers and phone numbers from This Link.

  • Complete the registration by providing some basic information.

  • After completing, You'll get an EDU email address with a student ID. Your email address will be something like (

  • They will take about 20 minutes to activate your account.

  • After 20 minutes, Go to This Link and login to your .edu email account with your Student ID and Password.

  • That's all.

New Method For Getting .edu Email

The method mention above is almost 4 years old, I don't know if it still works or not. But, as there are plenty of users still coming to this page looking to find a relevant information on find a free educational mail address, I thought it would be good to update this page with an updated information.

Now a days it's hard to register your own free educational email address, as there are plenty of restrictions. I spent almost an hour to find another working method, but all my effort ended in vain.

One of the better sources I found is, a shop for internet marketers. They have an updated list of sellers and methods to get a .edu email here.

You can get an email address ending with .edu by just spending $5 on fiverr. And I think it's better to spent 5 usd than spending your valuable hours for no result.

Buy Edu email address for $5 - Click here (It's not my gig)  -- link is not working anymore.

I'm still searching for another free method, I'll update this page if I finds any new method.

Now you are having a .edu email address. Go and search for all the available offers for students with educational institution mail ID and grab them all.

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